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Motorce Pro Series One Piece Racesuit

Motorce Pro Series One Piece Racesuit

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Cut slightly less aggressively than most professional racesuits. Motorce the Pro Series suit is designed with CE level-II Armour and is an ideal choice for track days.

Made from super premium cowhide leather, the suit is reinforced with seam free, four-way woven stretch with motion panels which stretches from the side of the body to the arms and across the chest, knees, elbows, rear back, inner calf and thigh. This enhances the body length and offers superior levels of comfort and movement on and off the bike.

Additionally, the fixed 3D Quick Dry mesh lining absorbs sweat easily, is fast drying and along with the panel in panel ventilation on the chest, body, inner thighs and back, keeps you fresh.

The race hump has been designed to accommodate helmet spoilers and aids aerodynamic performance in a racing tuck.

Add in-class leading safety features such as the suite of CE certified armour, TPU shoulder and knee cups and state of the art safety.

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