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Motorce Pro Series Racesuit

Motorce Pro Series Racesuit

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Personalized Fit: Tailored to your exact measurements for the perfect fit, whether you're a male or female rider.
Premium Safety: CE Level-II Armour safeguards your back, shoulders, elbows, and knees, setting a new standard in rider protection.
Superior Leather: Crafted from premium leather whether it's Kangaroo leather or Cowhide, ensuring both durability and comfort.
Unrestricted Movement: Seam-free, four-way woven stretch panels enhance comfort and mobility, providing a natural feel on and off the bike.
Stay Fresh: Quick Dry mesh lining wicks away sweat, while strategic panel in-panel ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable during intense rides.
Aerodynamic Performance: The race hump, designed for helmet spoilers, improves aerodynamics, allowing you to excel in a racing tuck.

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